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Explore, improvise and

create new sounds

Department Highlights

First in Canada to offer integrated studies in jazz, contemporary improvisation, gospel, world music and ethnomusicology. 

Opportunity to attend seminars, specialized workshops, guest lectures, and receive career guidance from faculty and special guests including the annual residency of Jazz Artist-in-Residence series supported by the Oscar Peterson Chair. 

World-class performance facilities, recording studios/classrooms including a Music-Computer lab, recording studio and a 3D audio control room to teach immersive techniques. 

Course-based, faculty-inspired, and student-initiated opportunities to perform both on and off campus in a range of professional and community settings contribute to the dynamic atmosphere in the Department. 

Students benefit from the active creative, scholarly, and community-based activities of our faculty, whose teaching and mentorship are informed by their ongoing professional work as performers, composers, and engaged scholars. 

York’s library system offers valuable research and performance resources that include scores, critical editions, films and recordings, a comprehensive holding of books and journals, and special collections including sheet music. 

Programs Offered


Available to these degrees: BA, BFA, Minor
Evaluation Process: Audition
Degree Duration: 4 years
Entry Options: Fall, Winter or Summer

Integrative Arts

Available to these degrees: BFA
Evaluation Process: Admission to Integrative Arts is based on academic achievement. A portfolio review is not required.
Degree Duration: 4 years
Entry Options: Fall, Winter or Summer

Ethnomusicology/Musicology (MA)

In York University's MA program in Ethnomusicology and Musicology students and faculty examine the social, political, and global impacts of a variety of musical practices, including Jazz, Popular Music, and World Musics (including Western Art Music).  Bringing together both scholarly research and practical engagement, the program fosters critical thinking, critical listening, and interdisciplinary approaches to music studies. 


York University's MA program in Composition provides a dynamic environment for aspiring composers to develop their craft. Through rigorous coursework and personalized mentorship, students explore innovative approaches to musical creation across genres and styles. Emphasizing both tradition and experimentation, the program fosters artistic growth and prepares students for further graduate study and diverse careers in music.

Combined MBA and MA 

The Schulich School of Business and the Graduate Program in Music offers a three-year combined program leading to both a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Arts degree. The MBA/MA programs complement each other in focus and offer excellent preparation for those interested in management careers in the arts and cultural sector. 

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 

The PhD program in Music at York University blends theoretical inquiry and interdisciplinary research to engage students across diverse musical traditions, fostering innovative scholarship in both musical creation (composition, improvisation) and studies (ethnomusicology, musicology, jazz studies, popular music studies). Faculty mentorship from world-renowned scholars and musicians enriches the scholarly experience. 


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