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Program Overview

Graduates of the BFA in Screenwriting are thriving as professional screenwriters, story editors, producers, showrunners and executives in the film, television and media industries. Students cultivate a deep understanding of moving image storytelling within the program’s intensive and collaborative workshop environment. First and foremost, students develop  their voice and explore a variety of screenwriting skills taught by leading industry professionals in our intensive 4-year program.

Sample Courses

As a Screenwriting student you can take courses like:  

Career Possibilities 

As a Screenwriting student you can become:

  • Writer for film, television and other motion media  
  • Showrunner  
  • Film/TV Executive  
  • Script Reader  
  • Media Critic  
  • Copywriter  
  • Story Editor  

Degree Level

Degrees Offered
Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

Cinema and Media Arts

4 years

Evaluation process
Questionnaire, Portfolio

Entry Options
Fall, Winter or Summer

Next Steps

We’re excited that you’re considering applying to York University's School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD). Check out our step-by-step guide to submitting an application.

Immerse Yourself in Cinema & Media Arts at AMPD

Screenwriting students collaborate with peers, workshop their writing, meet industry professionals and develop a creative portfolio of written work. 

Master classes offered by renowned screenwriters such as Emmy Award-winning David Shore (“House”), Karen Walton (“Orphan Black”), Annmarie Morais (“The Porter”), Ian Iqbal Rashid (“Sort of”),  and many others. 

Canada’s only Undergraduate Degree in Screenwriting. 

Seize the opportunity to train in a small, hands-on environment with top industry professionals.

Enjoy a safe space to develop your voice across various genres, build a comprehensive writing portfolio and craft numerous scripts under expert guidance. 

Learning Outcomes

Share your story, find your vision, build the future

  • Build a solid foundation in dramatic writing with diverse theories and approaches that enrich your storytelling skills.   
  • Develop your unique creative voice through hands-on experimentation with various scriptwriting styles, guided by our expert faculty.   
  • Dive deep into the roots of storytelling with 'The Biology of Story,' a comprehensive exploration on the nature, purpose, and power of stories.  
  • Write scripts that may be turned into real films, directed by you or by other peers.  
  • Gain a thorough understanding of cinema history and theory in both cultural and economic contexts, spanning from Hollywood productions to international independent films and decolonized movements.  
  • Master best practices for collaborating on stories created by others and experience working in a collaborative Writers’ Room environment, which prepares you for professional industry engagement.  
  • Develop the skills to write across various formats, including feature films, television, and transmedia projects.  
  • In our Film Writing courses, you receive comprehensive support to develop your idea into a well-rounded story and refine your draft to meet the highest industry standards.   
  • In our TV Writing courses, you immerse yourself in a Writers’ Room environment and receive expert guidance on crafting industry-standard TV scripts.   
  • Explore the innovative field of Transmedia storytelling, utilizing cutting-edge media outlets and technologies to create compelling, multi-platform narratives.   
  • Engage in a highly participatory Creative Producing course to understand the Canadian and International landscape and engage with original content creators, funders, festival programmers, sales agents, distributors and exhibitors to expand your professional network and actualize your projects.  
  • Opportunity to join a field placement course for an immersive on-site internship experience.  
  • With guidance from our experienced faculty, you will craft a robust writing portfolio that hones your unique voice, equipping you to successfully navigate the industry.  

What AMPD Students Say

One of my favourite things about the Screenwriting program is that you can connect with real filmmakers, people who are actually out there and doing what you want to do, so you can watch things that they have made, and hear directly from them about their process; it is just really helpful to know what it takes to make it, and to develop your own stories.

Oliver B, Cinema & Media Arts - Screenwriting Student

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