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Program Overview

The Cinema and Media Studies Program delves into film studies, television, and various moving image forms, exploring cinematic cultures through historical, visual, technological, industrial, sexual, racial, and aesthetic lenses. Students grasp diverse cinematic practices and global representations. They conduct research within Canada's vibrant media landscape and analyze cinematic and media works closely. Students can expect placements with organizations like TIFF, Hot Docs Festival, distribution companies, National Film Board of Canada, Ontario Art Gallery, film magazines, independent production companies, and archives. 

Sample Courses

As a Cinema & Media Arts student you can take courses like:

Career Possibilities

As a Cinema & Media Arts student you can become:

  • Film/Media Festival Programmer 
  • Film, Television or Media Producer 
  • Film and Archive Researcher 
  • Media Critic/Writer 
  • Cinema/Media Scholar 

Degree Level

Degrees Offered
Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Cinema and Media Arts

4 years

Entry Options
Fall, Winter or Summer

Next Steps

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Immerse Yourself in Cinema & Media Arts at AMPD

Master classes with renowned visiting artists and theorists.

Field placements with a broad array of organizations, local film and media festivals.

Engaged learning in the areas of producing, marketing, media curating, videographic criticism and media journalism.

As skilled critical thinkers, students learn how to make sense of diverse cultural expressions that define the global cinema and media arts landscape.

Learn how to carry out high-level research that will help you to see, explore and interrogate trends in film and the media industries.

Learning Outcomes

Share your story, find your vision, build the future

  • Builds a solid foundation of key analytic concepts with Intro to Film Art. 
  • Acquaints students with the full spectrum of contemporary critical approaches to film and media including video essays, blogs and podcasts.
  • Introduces global cinemas in relation to technological, cultural and economic contexts. 
  • Positions cinema as an education in global citizenship. 

  • Develops a comprehensive understanding of the multiple traditions and contexts of media production in Canada, including Indigenous cinema.
  • Develops in depth engagement with digital cultures, genre and national cinemas through a diversity of specialized courses. 
  •  Grounds students in the study of new and innovative directions in film and media practice and theory.  
  • Upper year students are provided with extensive opportunities for experiential learning with outreach into the film and television industry, field trips, internships and guest lectures, providing a doorway to a life of reflective and productive engagement in the industry. 

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Reach out to us for more information on our programs, upcoming events, open houses, and applying to AMPD. We're here to assist you with any questions you may have and to help guide you through the application process.

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