Visual Art & Art History Awards

Art History Award

Given in recognition of excellence in art history to a visual arts student enrolled in Year 2 of studies or higher of the BA program.

E.J. Lightman Scholarship

Must apply. Submission of Student Financial Profile is suggested for this Scholarship. Must demonstrated financial need may be taken into consideration. Open to undergraduates in their 3rd or 4th year of study majoring in Visual Arts (preferably sculpture).

Harry W. W. Rowe Arts of the Americas Bursaries

Awarded to Visual Art, Art History and/or Fine Art Cultural Studies majors who demonstrate a strong interest in, and a commitment to, the study of Art History, Art Criticism, and/or visual cultures of South, Central, and North America.

Jack Bush Scholarship

No application is required to be eligible for this scholarship. Students are selected based on academic merit.

Joseph Drapell Award

Given annually to one or more Visual Arts majors in recognition of artistic and academic excellence.

K.Hayano Printmaking Award

Awarded to a Visual Arts Major who has demonstrated excellence in printmaking and is currently enrolled in a printmaking course and will be returning to continue studies in the fall.

The Ken Carpenter Award

Must be a Visual Arts major who is enrolled in at least one half course in Art History at the 3000 level.

The Konopny-Fischtein Family Award

The Konopny-Fischtein Family Award is given in recognition of academic excellence, with particular emphasis on achievement in the studies area, to a Year 3 or 4 visual arts student enrolled in the BA stream.

The Ronald Bloore Award

Given annually to an undergraduate student in excellent academic standing who is enrolled in Year 2 or a higher year of studies in the Department of Visual Arts.

Tim Whiten Award

Awarded to a Visual Arts major in Year 2 or a higher year of study, enrolled in the BFA stream.

Willowdale Group of Artists Painting Award

Given to a student entering Year 4 of undergraduate study in the Department of Visual Arts who intends to enrol in the 4000-level painting course in their final year.