Theatre Awards

Anatol Schlosser Fund

Students apply by applying to Scholarships and Awards found at and completing Student Financial Profile.

Elizabeth Szathmary Theatre Scholarships

The Elizabeth Szathmary Scholarships will be given annually to four (4) full-time undergraduate students in the Department of Theatre, Faculty of Fine Arts. A student can only receive this scholarship once.

Fitzhenry-Weatherhead Theatre Award

Given in recognition of excellence and achievement in academic studies or creative work in theatre to a Year 3 or 4 theatre major enrolled in any of York’s theatre programs.

George Ryga Bursary

Awarded to a 3rd year Theatre undergraduate major achieving outstanding work in theatre survey or criticism or playwriting courses.

Herman Geiger-Torel Memorial Prize


This prize is awarded annually by the Department of Theatre to an outstanding graduating undergraduate student in achievement in theatrical design studies.

Jean Gascon Award in Acting

Awarded to a theatre major enrolled in the acting stream that has the ability to work in a wide variety of theatrical forms, as demonstrated in studio work and public performance.

Mira Friedlander Award

Open to Theatre majors who will be completing their 3rd year of studies and continuing into 4th year

The Mac Shoub Scholarship

The Mac Shoub Scholarship is given in recognition of exceptional talent and achievement in acting to a theatre major entering Year 4 studies in the acting stream.

Theatre Department Bursary

Students must submit application form and submission of Student Financial Profile to be eligible for this bursary.