Music Awards

Jazz FM 91 Scholarship in Jazz

Student must complete a Student Financial Profile to be considered and must apply on-line at the AMPD Scholarship webpage.

Norman Stifani Memorial Scholarship

Completion of Student Financial Profile required in addition to applying and speaking to criteria of Scholarship in application statement.

Oscar Peterson Scholarship MTCU

Must be a full time undergraduate Music major within the field of Jazz performance. Must be

enrolled in a minimum of 18 credits in one academic year.

1 Scholarship at  4th year valued at $10,000 (renewable for 1 year)

Sterling Voice Award

Must apply through Student Financial Services and complete the Student Financial Profile.

The Karabekos Award

  • Awarded to students undertaking ethnomusicological field research in non-North American based musics
  • showing prowess in composition incorporating elements outside the Western Art Music tradition, or demonstrating unusual performance ability in a variety of musical styles, including the non-Western
  • Academic standing is a prime consideration

Award Value: Varied