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Cinespace Studios Toronto and York University create Production Accounting Micro-Credential program 

Cinespace Studios Toronto and York University create Production Accounting Micro-Credential program 

The first-of-its-kind curriculum supports Ontario’s screen industry infrastructure through targeted training.

Cinespace Studios and York University announced the creation of a Production Accounting Micro-Credential program in response to a growing demand for film and television skilled labour and a specific need for production accountants in Ontario as presented in the Toronto Screen Industry Workforce Study. 

York University is proud to extend our partnership with Cinespace Studios to deliver this innovative micro-credential in Production Accounting that fills a need for highly skilled professionals in a growing industry like film and television”, said Sarah Bay-Cheng, Dean of the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design, York University. “The Production Accounting micro-credential is testament to York University’s commitment to making quality education accessible to diverse learners while preparing industry leaders to create positive change.

Cinespace tapped Production Accountants and Directors Guild of Canada-Ontario members Marr Morgan and Kitty Spiropoulos to design the curriculum and Entertainment Partners Canada to provide additional online modules and software. The 6-week program will foster a high-quality pipeline and combines active learning and practical application.   

“Cinespace is deeply committed to creating pathways to jobs within the film and TV industry. We’re excited to expand our existing partnership with York University to offer workforce development through targeted education,” said Ashley Rice, President & Co-Managing Partner, Cinespace Studios.  “Film and television production accountants are in critically short supply globally. This micro-credential program will allow the industry to quickly fill a much-needed role as production volumes continue in the region.” 

Taught in person at Cinespace Studios Toronto’s Kipling campus, the program will launch in June. It will provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of creative sector accounting, preparing them for sustained careers in Ontario’s high-demand film and TV industry.   This York University partnership was established with CineCares, a studio division that supports and engages the local community to develop a more diverse workforce and broaden educational platforms. 

"Ontario as a jurisdiction needs to consistently train new talent to meet film production volumes coming to the region in the coming years. We also need to prioritize providing a pathway to good paying jobs and attracting workers to a fulfilling career in the industry,” said Neil Lumsden, Minister of Tourism, Culture, and Sport for Ontario. “This partnership between the largest production facility and one of the most prestigious post-secondary institutions represents a milestone in addressing one of the sector’s biggest workforce shortages.” 

In 2022, Cinespace Studios Toronto renewed its commitment to enhance and elevate The York University Motion Media Studio for learning, teaching, and production on the Kipling campus.  Students from the York University’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance and & Design (AMPD) have enjoyed and benefited from invaluable hands-on learning opportunities, practical training in new media technologies, and direct exposure to leading members of the industry they are preparing to join.  Cinespace will provide funding for two scholarship bursaries through the Black Screen Office for two individuals to attend the production accounting micro-credential program. 

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