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CineSiege 2021 Nominees Announced

CineSiege 2021 Nominees Announced

CineSiege 2021 Nominees Announced

CineSiege features a juried selection of shorts chosen by program alumni and leading practitioners in film and media culture. Professors’ shortlist nominated films from all 200 films produced by students from all levels of the program in 2021.   The nominated films include fiction, documentary and experimental works. Those chosen for CineSiege are honoured for their exceptional achievement in the art and craft of cinema.

CineSiege is made possible through the generous support of our founding sponsor, Cinespace Film Studios, as well as the Mirkopoulos family for their outstanding contributions to our students, our school and the larger film community.


Year I  & Year II Nominees

Year I and Year II films will compete within their year and category, with outstanding features selected by film production faculty.

Year I Nominees

30 Days by Michael Speciale & Maya Danou
My Girl, Skelly by Abraham David
The Well of Fortune by Daniella Castillo

Year II Nominees

Category: Documentary
Borkenkäfer by Nicolas Flood
Kadikoy by Arca Arseven
Sayed Cima by Yassin Nour

Category:  Fiction
Anachronism by Brayden McQueen
Standby by Adelaide Berardi
Like There’s No Tomorrow by Natalia Morales Caceres

Category: Alternative
Unspoken Space by Jacob Robert
Sonder by Brayden McQueen
DK Ultra by Samuel Forsyth

Year III & Year IV Nominees 

An external jury of filmmakers, producers, critics, programmers and alumni will select the winners in the following categories amongst all year III and year IV films – the best fiction film, alternative project and documentary, as well as outstanding director, screenwriter, cinematographer, editor, sound designer and production designer.

Category: Documentary
Encrucijadas (Crossroads) by Rosa Urias
Metal on Ice by Brendon Kenney
My Girls by Desiree Falcao
On the Horizon by Bailey Johnson
Perfect Timing by Marissa Wheler
Talks of Faith by Melissa Affrunti
Trial of the Great Forger by Yegor Vozniuk

Category: Alternative
the Affirmations of Anywhere by Cole James
Empty Spaces where you've been by Kendra Howden
Fellow Travellers by Brian Alonso Ojeda
I'd rather miss out on a Tuesday by Stefano Terrana
Meander by Dous’R, aka Ferdous S. Rahman
Now They're Just Lines by Siyao Guo
She/Pronouns by Rowan Elliot

Category:  Fiction
ALIEN COP by Will Sheppard and Hayden Gallagher
Bookie by Sebastian Vives
Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness by Nicolas Collier
Coming by Honestly by Paul Villenave
Cuckoo by Rebecca Fadoju
A Date by Farhiya Ahmed
Going Up Standing Still by Carly Balestreri
In Other News by Ivan Oussa
Sugar by Dylan Posgate

To view last year's nominees and winners, as well as other student films, check out AMPD's YorkFlix - a hub of student creativity.