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Celebrating Christina: Christina Petrowska Quilico in Recital

Celebrating Christina: Christina Petrowska Quilico in Recital

For over 35 years, world-renowned pianist Christina Petrowska Quilico has been instrumental in developing future generations of music industry changemakers at the York University School of Arts, Music, Performance and Design (AMPD). On September 29, AMPD celebrated her life-long commitment to the arts, education, and advocacy with Celebrating Christina: Christina Petrowska Quilico in Recital, held on-campus at Tribute Communities Recital Hall. 

A virtuoso and versatile pianist, an enthusiastic advocate for new music, and a seasoned performer with over 50 recordings (four of them JUNO-nominated), Petrowska Quilico has moved international audiences for over 60 years.

At AMPD, Petrowska Quilico is a beloved member of the Music faculty. Her passion has inspired current musicians, like singer-songwriter Sarah Slean. Her boundless creativity deeply connected her with fellow faculty, including violinist Jacques Israelievitch and baritone saxophonist/composer David Mott. Astronaut and York University colleague Steve MacLean twice took her recordings into space with him. 

In 2021 and 2022, York University presented Petrowska Quilico with its esteemed Research Award. This honour first happened a year after being inducted into the Order of Canada "for her celebrated career as a classical and contemporary pianist and for championing Canadian music.” She would also be recognized nationally again in 2021, being named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada "for outstanding scholarly, scientific and artistic achievement." 

Petrowska Quilico continues to add new music to her repertoire. At the same time, she maintains a busy schedule with a slate of live performances and the launch of new recordings.