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AMPD Equity Plan Monthly Update: October 2022

AMPD Equity Plan Monthly Update: October 2022

October 2022

As you will observe from reading the AMPD Equity Plan dashboard and overview, many of the initial recommendations and specific actions have been implemented over the past year. These efforts include trainings, systems revisions, new policies and the establishment of committees, among others. Much of the continuing work is now focused on longer term integration, tracking of key metrics (e.g., student enrolments and graduations, student experience, faculty hiring, etc.) and response to concerns as they arise.

Here are the actions for October:

  • Announced dedicated Black hire in Music: Asst. Professor of Vocal Performance
  • Launch of EDI pilot project to increase diversity in faculty searches; coordinated with the Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion and the Office of the Associate Vice-President for Faculty Affairs
    • 3 AMPD search committees have signed on to the project and will report outcomes at the end of the year
    • Results will be used to advise on future searches and implementation
    • This is in addition to the revised AA training (POLARIS) required of all hiring committee members
  • Dance instituted regular community check-ins as part of the recommendations from the Department EDDI committee
  • The AMPD EDDI Standing Committee of Faculty Council is formalizing its longer term objectives and actions
  • The Dean’s Student Advisory Committee has added accessibility as a standard item for review by the committee. This group will review issues of accessibility across AMPD spaces in order to make clear recommendations for future actions.

Activities continue in programs and departments with coordination through the AMPD Equity Advisor and in coordination with the Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion.