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The cast and crew of Blackberry

AMPD Alumni Shine Bright at 2024 Canadian Screen Awards

AMPD Alumni Shine Bright at 2024 Canadian Screen Awards

At the 2024 Canadian Screen Awards, alumni from York University’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD) were recognized for their outstanding contributions to film, television and digital media. Their collective achievements resulted in over a dozen Canadian Screen Awards.

Going into Canadian Screen Week, more than 40 AMPD alumni were nominated across 28 categories. Among the winners were Matthew Miller (BFA ’03) (MFA ’16) and Matt Johnson (BFA ’06) (MFA ’16), who took home three awards for their film, Blackberry, including Best Motion Picture. Notably, the team behind Blackberry had an impressive lineup of 16 AMPD alumni whose combined talent secured the film’s Best Motion Picture award at this year’s ceremony.

The success of these alumni underscores their talent and contributions to the Canadian entertainment industry. AMPD takes immense pride in its network of over 20,000 alumni who make meaningful contributions globally and emerge as leaders across creative industries, showcasing the impact of an AMPD education on a global scale.


Best Motion Picture – Blackberry
Awardee: Matthew Miller (BFA ’03) (MFA ’16)

Achievement in Direction – Blackberry
Awardee: Matt Johnson (BFA ’06) (MFA ’16)

Best Adapted Screenplay – Blackberry
Awardee: Matt Johnson (BFA ’06) (MFA ’16), Matthew Miller (BFA ’03) (MFA ’16)

Achievement in Cinematography – Blackberry
Awardee: Jared Raab (BFA ’07)

Best Performance in a Leading Role, Drama – The Queen Of My Dreams
Awardee: Amrit Kaur (BFA ’15)


Best Comedy Series – Bria Mack Gets A Life
Awardee: Tania Thompson (BFA ’00)

Best Reality/Competition Program or Series – Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs. The World
Awardee: Justin Stockman (BFA ’96)

Best Original Music, Drama – Sullivan’s Crossing – Can’t Help Falling
Awardee: Ari Posner (BFA ’92)

Best Writing, Children’s or Youth – The Hardy Boys – At The Old House
Awardee: Chris Pozzebon (BFA ’07)

Best Children’s or Youth Fiction Program or Series – The Hardy Boys
Awardee: Chris Pozzebon (BFA ’07)

Best Host, Lifestyle – The Social
Awardee: Cynthia Loyst (BFA ’98)

Best Performance, Sketch Comedy (Individual or Ensemble) – This Hour Has 22 Minutes
Awardee: Stacey McGunnigle (BFA ’08)

Best Writing, Variety or Sketch Comedy – This Hour Has 22 Minutes – Surviving Winter
Awardee: Stacey McGunnigle (BFA ’08)


Best Supporting Performance, Web Program or Series – The Drop
Awardee: Aurora Browne (BFA ’95)

Best Web Program or Series, Fiction – How to Fail as a Popstar
Awardee: Elise Cousineau (BFA ’04)

Best Lead Performance, Web Program or Series – The Drop
Awardee: Aisha Evelyna (BA ’17)