The Dean’s Advisory Committee

The Dean's Advisory Committee

The Dean’s Advisory Committee

The art of collaboration.

Across the diverse disciplines and practices of AMPD, one of most essential skills is collaboration. No matter what we do, our work relies on the help and support of many others, so I decided to recruit a Dean’s Advisory Committee to support our work and bring new and diverse insights to the work that we do in AMPD.

Below, you will meet the incredible group of award-winning industry experts, visionaries, creators, CEOs, alumni and donors who make up our current Dean’s Advisory Committee.

These wonderful friends of AMPD provide us with advice, guidance, insight and introductions. They attend events, speak on panels and to student groups and offer freely of their knowledge in and of the arts and culture worlds.

Their generous support of AMPD is invaluable to us and to me personally. I am deeply grateful to them for their time, care and commitment not only to our faculty and our students, but also to a thriving and exciting world of art, design and culture!

So, let’s meet the Dean’s Advisory Committee…