The School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design is a future-focused art school whose mission is to foster the development of the creatively daring and highly skilled artists and scholars whose vision, discipline, and imagination will form tomorrow’s world – not just in the arts, but in management, engineering, health, education, and technology. AMPD is preparing tomorrow’s creative pioneers whose skills and talent will shape the future.

AMPD is realizing its mission because:

  • AMPD, its faculty, and its students choose to take paths of pioneering discovery
  • AMPD recognizes students as artists and collaborators, and treats them as important participants in the community
  • AMPD is a genuinely supportive, nurturing environment in which to experiment, collaborate, take risks, and explore
  • AMPD is a vibrant, exciting environment where practical skills and technical knowledge blend with a creative, entrepreneurial culture
  • AMPD students are connected into a large network of influential professionals, industry partners, and vast possibilities
  • AMPD is active and influential across creative industries that make a positive impact on the economy