2011 Design Student Award-Winners

Adobe Design Achievement Awards

Brian Banton – Motion Graphics

Man Wai Wong – Packing

Christia Fung – Finalist, Packaging

Christina Lo – Finalist, Packaging

Kaila Jacques – Honorable Mention, Print Communications

Ayaka Sano – Honorable Mention, Print Communications


Applied Arts Magazine

Brian Banton – Typography Design & Application, Series

Brian Banton – Online Animation, Single

Amy Lin, Evan Dinsmore, Fran Brand, Lina Spakovskiene, Rob Wootten, Xingtao Zhu – Website Design, Single

Ayaka Sano – Complete Design Program, Complete

Yvonne Ho Complete Design Program, Complete

Ayaka Sano – Design, Packaging, Series

Elaine Fok – Design, Packaging, Series

Jacqueline Wong Typography Design & Application, Series

Man Wai Wong – Online Animation, Single

Yvonne Ho – Design, Packaging, Single

Stephanie Po – Design, Packaging, Single

Nicole Love – Design, Series

Meghan D’Mello – Design, Editorial, Single

Yvonne Ho – Design, Series

Man Greig Farin – Online Animation, Single


Advertizing & Design Club of Canada


Man Wai Wong – Editorial Design



Brian Banton – Interactive Media

Brian Banton – Graphic Design

Katy Ha – Graphic Design

Kaila Jacques – Graphic Design

Man Wai Wong – Interactive Media



Sally Fung – Graphic Design

Katy Ha – Graphic Design

Kaila Jacques – Graphic Design

Stephanie Po – Graphic Design


Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario Student Awards

Awards of Excellence
Man Wai Wong – Taxi Canada Award for GTA
Yvonne Ho – Oxygen Design Agency Award for GTA

Awards of Specialty

Man Wai Wong – CTV Award for Motion Graphics
Yvonne Ho – Entro Communications Award for Information Design
Rob Wootten, Evan Dinsmore, Amy Lin, Fran Brand, Lina Spakovskiene and Xingtao Zhu. – Lucidia Award for Web Design
Stephanie Po – Pylon Award for Print

Yvonne Ho – q30 design Award for Branding
Christina Lo – Shikatani Lacroix Award for Packaging
Farah Tamachi – Zync Award for Typography


Honourable Mentions
Franziska Brand
Elaine Fok (2)
Yvonne Ho
Olivia Klugh
Myung Yun Lee
Christina Lo
Stephanie Po
Farah Tamachi
Suhyeon Um
Man Wai Wong (2)

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