Internal Funding Sources

YG = York Grant: submit application directly to Office of Research Services (ORS)
AG = AMPD Grant: submit application to AMPD Research Officer

Travel Grants:

AG    Dean's YUFA Travel Fund (submit applications to the Office of the Dean a minimum of 3 wks prior to travel)

2014-15 (doc) (pdf)
2015-16 (doc) (pdf)

YG    SSHRC Grant in Aid of Travel (Feb 1; May 1; Aug 1; Nov 1) (pdf

YG    CUPE Contract Faculty Conference Travel Fund (March 1; June 1; Oct. 1) (doc) (pdf)

Research Grants

AG    AMPD Minor Research-Creation Grant (Jan 31)  

To access application guidelines and the online form, go to

YG    SSHRC Small Projects Grant (Mar 31; Oct. 31) (pdf)

YG    YUFA Research Development Fellowship (Nov 15) (doc) (pdf)

YG    Mariano Research Fund (Nov 1; Mar 1) (pdf)

YG    YUFA Sabbatical Leave Fellowship (Jan 15) (doc) (pdf)

YG    CUPE Contract Faculty Research Grants Fund (Mar 1; Oct 1) (doc) (pdf)

YG    Professional Development for Contract Faculty (Apr 1; Aug 1; Dec. 1) (doc) (pdf)

AG    AMPD Research Release Program (Nov 22) (pdf)

AG    Ad Hoc Research and Professional Development Fund (Sep 15; Mar 15) (doc) (pdf)

Teaching Development Grants and Teaching Awards

YG    YUFA Educational Leave Fellowship (Dec 15) (doc) (pdf)

YG    YUFA Release-Time Teaching Fellowship (Nov 15) (doc) (pdf)

YG    YUFA Teaching-Learning Development Grant (Nov 15) (doc) (pdf)

AG    AMPD Teaching Award (doc) (pdf)

YG    CST 3M Teaching Fellowship (Nov 17) (pdf)

YG    CUPE Contract Faculty Teaching Development Fund (Feb 5, 07) (doc) (pdf)

AG    AMPD eLearning Award (doc) (pdf)


Support for Periodicals and York Conferences

YG    Ad Hoc Grant for Periodicals at York (Dec 15) (pdf)

YG    Ad Hoc Grant for Conferences at York (Dec 15) (pdf)