Jon Baturin

Jon Baturin

BA (University of Victoria)
Intermediate Diploma (Vancouver School of Art)
Advanced Diploma (Emily Carr College of Art & Design)
MFA (Glasgow School of Art)

Professor Emeritus
Department of Visual Art & Art History

Jon Baturin is an artist working photography and djgital media. He has spent much of the past decade investigating ideological constructs and the formation of dogmatic systems as they relate to notions of Truth. At present he continues to work on a series of collaborative photo-based and sculptural projects that deal with the fragility of the human species and the subjective interpretations of both Hope and Loss. His research has been manifest in his collaborations as artist-in-residence with numerous international institutions, including the Glasgow School of Art, Tallinn Art University, Athens School of Art, Banff Centre for the Arts, and Tasmania School of Art.

Baturin was a co-founder of Critical Media, an international not-for-profit organization with a mandate to promote and develop challenging international cultural projects in diverse media. Large international museum projects have been presented in major venues in Budapest/Hungary, Ljubljana/Slovenia, Auckland/New Zealand, Hobart/Tasmania and Sydney/Australia as well as in several Canadian centres.

Kapoofi Theatre

Kapoofi Theatre is an evolving multi-method collaboration between Michael Gordon Thompson and Jon Peter Baturin