Alex Colle


Alex Colle

4th Year Theatre Student

I’m an outdoor freak in my fourth year of study in the BA Theatre program! Specializing in Playwriting and Devised Theatre – along with a very useful minor in English – I try to bring my own unique spin to my passions while avoiding to conform at all costs (but tend to fail at doing so, anyway). I love Fleet Foxes, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Frank Ocean, and sometimes country music, but only when I’m in or around the woods. I grew up just down the road in Toronto. I went to a Catholic all-boys high school called Chaminade College and I am forever scarred as a result. But in a good way. Recently, I was given the responsibility to live way up north at Olympia Sports Camp for two months and become a camp counselor. A few words to describe this experience are unforgettable, beautiful, excitement, and mosquito. You’ll find Chaminade and Olympia in some of my writing.

I did not enter the theatre program to focus on acting, writing, or building things. I came here to create. As a first year, I didn’t know how I wanted to do this. Careless on my part? A little. Luckily, York encourages this confusion, hoping that by the end of your first year, students are crying over the decision to choose between acting, production, or theatre studies.

In my first two years here, I auditioned for parts, submitted my own short plays, and helped build really cool sets. In typical fashion, I didn’t get many callbacks, I didn’t get contacted for my own work, and I made many mistakes on set. What was I going to do, moan and groan about it? Yes, that’s exactly what happened. But the funny thing about York’s theatre program is that they do not encourage good theatre students. They encourage good students of Theatre. A million opportunities were given to me through the program to improve my skillset and widen my horizons outside of the classroom. And that’s what I love about this program. The opportunity to create was just endless. I just so happened to do it through writing and devising.

Outside of the program, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to Frosh Boss for Winters College, write cool little articles for The Excalibur, participate in Playground (York’s theatre festival), and work for AMPD. None of it would have happened if it weren’t for York’s theatre program, and I am forever grateful for that!