Judith Rudakoff Receives Elliott Hayes Award for Dramaturgy

June 21, 2001

Judith Rudakoff Receives Elliott Hayes Award for Dramaturgy

York theatre professor Judith Rudakoff is the winner of  the 2001 Elliott Hayes Award, given by Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas (LMDA).

Named in honour of the former dramaturg and literary manager of the Stratford Festival, the Elliott Hayes Award recognizes excellence in dramaturgical work on a specific project. It is given annually for an exemplary contribution by a dramaturg to the conception, development and production of a theatrical work or educational project in dramaturgy in the Americas over the previous two years.

The philosophical foundation of the award is the belief that art benefits from examination by both artist and audience, and that creative inspiration accompanied by analysis and reflection is most likely to lead to productions and projects that fulfill the spiritual, social and personal potential of a theatrical event. Also inherent is the belief that the dramaturg participates fully and uniquely in the collaborative act of making theatre and in promoting social discourse around the theatrical event.

Dr. Rudakoff was awarded the prize for her contributions as writer and dramaturg to the multi-disciplinary performance work “Revealed by Fire”, a collaborative project with choreographer/dancer Lata Pada, photographer Cylla von Tiedemann, and composers Timothy Sullivan in Canada and R.A. Ramamani in India which premiered at Toronto’s Harbourfront in March 2001. The production was rooted in and inspired by a personal tragedy: Lata Pada’s loss of her husband and two daughters in the infamous 1985 Air India bombing.

In her acceptance speech, Rudakoff dedicated the prize to the memory of Elliott Hayes, who had been a close friend as well as a colleague before his untimely death in 1994; to the memory of the 329 killed in the bombing of the Air India Flight 182 16 years ago over the Irish Sea; and to Lata Pada, “whose courage and belief in renewal are a constant inspiration, personally and creatively.”