AMPD Events

Workshop : : Lectures - "Movement and Emotion as Computational Interfaces" @ Transmedia Lab - Accolade West 103
Movement and Emotion as Computational Interfaces is a workshop and speaker series led by an interdisciplinary team with backgrounds in performance, computational media art and bioengineering, The workshop and talks will explore how technology can... View Article
Public Talk: Richard Shusterman on Somaesthetics and Design @ Transmedia Lab - Accolade West 103
Somaesthetics is a new interdisciplinary field of research dedicated to the study and cultivation of the soma (the living, sentient, purposive body) as our medium of sensory perception (aesthesis) and action and also the site... View Article
Public Talk: Martha Eddy and Stephen Auger on “The Embodied Physiology of Perception” @ Transmedia Lab - Accolade West 103
Martha Eddy and Stephen Auger share the podium to present “The Embodied Physiology of Perception” Dr. Martha Eddy, CMA, RSMT, EdD and creator of BodyMind Dancing™ is an exercise physiologist, dance educator and somatic movement... View Article
Public Talk: Alan Macy on “Bioinformatics and the Human-Computer Interface” @ Transmedia Lab - Accolade West 103
New computer interfaces are becoming available that transform human biologically-generated activity into viable data input sources for computers. Human-sourced activity such as physiological signals generated by the heart, skeletal muscle, brain neuronal activity, eye movements,... View Article
The Batdorf Technique - Kinesthetic Transference and Interoceptive Awareness in Performance @ Transmedia Lab - Accolade West 103
Theatre Professor Erica Batdorf presents an overview of The Batdorf Technique, a system for physical-emotional integration she developed over 25 years of performance and movement-for-actors training. She will also present research questions regarding its application... View Article
Public Talk: Marcos Novak on “Transverging Cognition and Creativity” @ Transmedia Lab - Accolade West 103
Novak will speak on how can we, in the 21st century, understand creativity and cognition is a way that is at once consonant with both the “sciences of the artificial” and with the “ecology of... View Article