Theatre News

August 9, 2016

York theatre talent at the Edinburgh Fringe

The Department of Theatre's YUFFA Fringe company returns to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with two shows: the bilingual children's fable "Head à Tête" and the existentialist play "The Concept".

A quasi-metabolic ‘happening’ that uses collective neurosignaling to grow next-generation Hylozoic Series protocell formations by Philip Beesley with MECI collaborators Mark-David Hosale and Alan Macy for the Rotterdam DEAF2012 Exhibition, 2012
May 27, 2016

Workshop and speaker series focus on human-computer interaction

AMPD Computational Arts Professor Mark-David Hosale and Theatre Professor Erika Batdorf, along with collaborators Kate Digby (University of Kansas, Manhattan) and Alan Macy (BIOPAC Systems, Inc.) are combining their interests in human-computer interaction to present Movement and Emotion as Computational Interfaces, a week-long workshop and free public speaker series running June 6-12 at York University’s Keele campus.