In our increasingly complex and interconnected world, music is a transcendent force for bringing people and ideas together.

In AMPD, Music students have an uncommon opportunity to explore the depth and breadth of an art form intrinsic to cultural expression across centuries and continents. The program is designed to simultaneously bring the past to life and look toward the future; to bring the world’s rich musical traditions home; and to take music to diverse communities in our city and beyond. The remarkably flexible curriculum allows students to pursue creative and scholarly work across a wide range of musical genres and traditions, tailored to their unique talents and aspirations.


MUSIC (BFA Honours)

Alongside a full spectrum of courses in classical music, York’s Music program is known for pioneering post-secondary studies in jazz, world and digital music. Students may specialize or generalize according to their interests, developing expertise in a particular area of vocal or instrumental performance or composition, or working in a variety of musical practices and cultural forms. Options include solo, small and large ensemble performance; composition and arranging; education and community arts development; ethnomusicology; and the growing field of music media production for cinema, gaming and motion media.

MUSIC (BA Honours)

All first-year Music students enter the BFA program. After first year, students whose interests centre on music history, criticism and scholarly research may choose to move into the BA program.


Presenting more than 100 student and faculty concerts each year, as well as master classes with renowned Canadian and international artists, the Music program offers countless opportunities to perform and collaborate. In addition to extracurricular ensembles initiated by the department’s rising young artists, students can participate in numerous formal ensembles, including:

  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Jazz Orchestra and Choirs
  • West African Drums
  • Concert and Chamber Choirs
  • Celtic Canadian Folk Ensemble
  • New Music Ensemble
  • Chinese Classical Ensemble
  • Gospel Choir
  • Wind Symphony
  • Escola de Samba
  • Rhythm & Blues Ensemble
  • Chamber Strings
  • and many more.


Concurrent Degree Studies in Education

Music students may apply for concurrent degree studies with the Faculty of Education.

An Honours Minor in Music is available to students majoring in other programs in AMPD and across York.



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