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International Students

The Faculty of Fine Arts (FFA) at York University is a place of creativity, diversity and stimulation. We welcome students from around the world to join us in our pursuit of creative, artistic and scholarly excellence. 

International students who study at the FFA enjoy many opportunities. You will work with leading performers, artists and scholars; and you will thrive at our vibrant campus, which is located in the heart of Metropolitan Toronto offering students unparalleled opportunities to enrich their learning experience by exploring, experiencing and contributing to the rich, diverse arts scene in Canada's cultural - and multicultural - capital. Throughout your studies, we will help you make the most of your international experience.

Studying at the FFA, you will also gain access to the breadth of courses on offer at York University– as well as the exceptional social and support facilities available. We understand that transitioning into a new environment can be slightly daunting, and we are there to help every step of the way!

Support Services

York University has an array of exceptional social and support facilities available for international students. We understand that transitioning into a new environment can be slightly daunting, and we are there to help international students with orientation, housing, immigration, employment and academic student services and counseling advice.

Through our York University Language Institute (YUELI) we offer international students programs to improve English language skills for academic and professional purposes.

Our Buddy Program ensures that international students are matched with other domestic students in a buddy system that is intended to present students with the opportunity to create a social network and community atmosphere through regular social events organized throughout the academic year as well as through individual meetings with their buddies/mentors.

York offers a number of scholarships and bursaries available to international students who meet the requirements.

Lastly, our center for internationalization, York International, offers a variety of services and programs that support international students in any other aspect of their academic and student life while studying at York and beyond.