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The Office of Advising and Integrated Student Services (OAISS) is your destination for undergraduate advising, resources, workshops and information to support you throughout your degree.

Contact OAISS

Mon - Fri, 8:30 - 4:30pm

Academic Writing

Due to the change in course and exam schedules, appointments for academic writing, essay planning and more can be made by appointment through May 8th. Please contact Professor Stacy Denton to arrange an in-person or online appointment.

Contact your program department

Visit your program department for permission to enroll into courses, Letters of Permission, Grade reappraisal, deferred standing requests, appointments with faculty advisors, program change requests.

Study Groups

Drop in to a study group in your major. Bring your questions and consult with a peer mentor. This is a great way to exchange information and ideas with your peers and get excellent assistance with your courses. Check the schedule for the study group in your major.

Peer Mentoring

Student Ambassadors and Mentors (SAMs) are trained upper-year students dedicated to providing you with assistance and information to support your academic success. You can connect with a SAM/Mentor in your discipline or with others who have different areas of expertise or interests. Meet the SAMs