by John Gay
adapted and directed by Gwen Dobie
musical direction by Stephanie Martin
musical preparation by Catherine Robbin
choreography by Michael Greyeyes
digital media creative production by Don Sinclair
produced by James McKernan

presented by the Departments of Theatre, Music, Dance and Digital Media in the Faculty of Fine Arts, York University

"The lower sort of people have their vices as well as the RICH But the POOR are always punished for them."

At its London premiere in 1728, John Gay's rollicking Beggar's Opera caused a sensation. Lampooning the politics and public morality of the day, it became an instant hit.

In a Toronto prison in 2014, inmates crack open this satirical tale of corruption, social inequality -- and a very messy love triangle. Thieves, gangsters, politicians, lawyers ... who can tell them apart?!

Come visit us in prison, and see how much things have changed - or not - since the 18th century.

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Beggar's Opera Cast Photo