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Paul Sych

Assistant Professor, Department of Design

p>Over the past two decades Paul Sych has had a curiosity for the relationship between art and music. This interplay began while studying at the Ontario College of Art and Design and York University's prestigious jazz program in Toronto, Canada. In the fall of 1990, Paul launched his design firm, Faith, as a platform for continued experimentation. Paul has challenged both clients and peers alike to enter his world of unique and sometimes flamboyant use of type and imagery. In addition to being commissioned by legendary designers, art directors, educators and forums on typography internationally, his work has been widely published in North America, Europe and Asia. Paul continues to explore visual and typographic works in print, branding, public art, motion graphics and broadcast design.

Quoting the late design historian Philip B. Meggs, "Sych's pulled and twisted letterforms, densely layered and imploding into complex masses teeming with perpetual energy, lose their identity as alphabetic glyphs. His work raises the question: Where does typography cease to be typography and become, perhaps, art?"